Landr 500 3D printer

Landr 500 takes-off for engineering-grade FDM 3D printing

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Landr, a spin out of digital manufacturing experts Ryse 3D, has launched its first FDM 3D printer to tackle engineering grade materials at 1/10th the cost of its rivals.

Featuring a 500 x 500 x 500mm build volume, the 3D printer offers 100°c heated chamber, 500°c hot end, 140°c heated print bed, and reported speeds of 500mm/s – even while printing Nylon-carbon-fibre filaments.

A Bondtech LGX extruder, double skin gold reflective insulation, built in camera and auto nozzle wipe and nozzle purge, with heated filament dryer all come as standard on a printer costing £11,398.80 including VAT.

Landr says that its nearest competitor is 10-times the cost, three-times the weight and twice the size, posing a challenge for shop floor operations.

“Over the course of 12 months, the team has designed, tested and built Landr 500, a 3D Printer that will support a wide range of engineering-grade material, delivering strength and durability of large and complex parts,” said company CEO Mitchell Barnes, who recently saw Ryse 3D claim a King’s Award for Enterprise Innovation.

“This technology is [typically] not built in the UK, yet we knew we had the knowledge and technical expertise to challenge that notion.”

Barnes describes the spin out company as a real labour of love, with 10 Landr 500 3D printers already built and being used around the clock in sister business Ryse 3D, clocking over 30,000 hours of use at a company that supplies no compromise parts for automotive customers, including 18 hypercard projects from major OEMs.


Mitchell went on to add: “We’re excited to offer cutting-edge technology at a price point that makes it accessible to SMEs, tech disruptors, and entrepreneurs. Now, they can enjoy the same level of precision, quality, and capacity that was once reserved for larger companies.

“The large build volume and print speed enables printing of multiple smaller parts or large components in a single run, improving productivity in the process. It’s versatile, efficient and there will be no material lock, meaning you can use whichever material you choose with it.”