Scott Sports takes designs to marketing and back again with visualisation performance

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Close ups of materials, interesting angles, all add value to the design process for Scott Sports and its customers

Seeing as everyone is seemingly glued to a digital device, marketing departments are fast using product renders to get customers interested in new products long before production.

3D visualisation technology is earning its time on our screens, as Scott Sports is finding using Dassault Systèmes 3DXcite, which gives their design team photorealistic, detailed images and even unique perspectives – like the interior layers of shoes – that can also be translated to the marketing department for catalogues and web campaigns.

The goal at Scott was to become more efficient and cost effective, but also to allow for more time during the creative process, allowing instant feedback from its customers via social media to make changes before any manufacturing has been done – meaning smarter products and happier customers.
Scott Sports has recently been experimenting even further, with ideas such as allowing consumers to choose various ski helmets and goggles and view what the combinations would look like together.

“This industry is still fairly traditional, unlike the automotive industry, for example, where technology is heavily used to help customers customize or visualise their products,” said 3D digital design manager Ryan Bloodworth. “Our goal is to inform and encourage people to go into retail shops to buy Scott products. We can use technology to show them the possibilities.”


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