Financing and leasing options now available on Sciaky electron beam 3D printing systems

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Sciaky’s electron beam metal 3D printers, like this VX110, are now available to lease in the US

For those needing to build large parts fast and in metal today’s news from Sciaky should have them interested, as its machines are now available on lease and finance.

Its process can produce parts up to 19 x 4 x 4 feet, allowing manufacturers to produce very large parts and structures with little waste materials, with a fully-articulated, moving electron beam gun depositing metal via wire feedstock from 7 to 20 lbs/hr, depending upon part geometry and the material.

Like a FDM machine, the wire-fed process is quick and the layer by layer build can be finished to whatever level is needed – in this case industrial machining is usually used to smooth off the rugged beading.

The heavy beading of the wire-fed build means that parts might have to be machined – a trade off for the process putting down materials quickly


The option to lease the machines is only available in Sciaky’s native US for now, although the technology should be of interest to those looking to custom manufacture large items for equipment such as airframes and vehicle parts.

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