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Form 4 unveiled as Formlabs’ fastest 3D printer yet

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Formlabs has launched the Form 4, its latest resin 3D printer that promises two- to five-times faster build speed than its previous model, the Form 3+.

Form 4 features Formlabs’ new Low Force Display print engine which it says can achieve maximum vertical print speeds of 100mm per hour across a full size (200 × 125 × 210mm) build, completing it in 2 hours.

It has an ultra-high-power backlight alongside its Light Processing Unit 4 and features a dual-layer, flexible film resin tank.

Form 4 3D Printer Formlabs LIFESTYLEAn improved print quality can achieve 50-micron pixels, which Formlabs says benefits from advanced pixel smoothing and highly collimated light.

Form 4 has been designed to be easy-to-use, with automatic resin handling, automated post-processing and quick release build platform technology.

Formlabs predicts a decrease of 40% in cost per part, via its long-lasting resin tanks capable of benefitting from 33% lower resin pricing, 30% larger print volume, and 3.5 times higher throughput.

According to CEO Max Lobovsky, Formlabs gathered data from over 130,000 printers already on the market, as well as over 300 million printed parts, to create a faster, more efficient model.


“Its reliability and new level of speed will transform how our customers develop new products,” he added.

Formlabs is also introducing six new resins to its collection for use with its 3D printers. These include four newly formulated General Purpose resins, a Fast Model Resin and a Precision Model Resin.

These are in addition to the 17 other materials available in its collection, all of which can be used with Form 4.

The Form 4B has also been released; designed for use in the dental and medical industries it is compatible with a further 15 biocompatible materials.

Available now, the Form 4 starts at $4,499, with the Form 4B starting from $6,299.

Formlabs Resin Pumping System and new materials fuel in-house production