Other Reading // Autocar reimagines todays cars if designed in yesteryear

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Autocar has worked with illustrator Ruben Ooms to reimagine today’s cars as they might’ve looked if designed in the past

British car news and reviews site Autocar has delighted us with its concepts of what today’s automotive designs might have looked like if produced several decades ago.

Featuring illustrations of models from Porsche, Tesla, BMW and Mercedes, the project is a collaboration with Dutch illustrator Ruben Ooms – a proper journey back to the future!

There’s not a single one that we feel isn’t an improvement on the current models [the 50s ‘BMW i8’ is a thing of beauty – part Franco Scaglione, part Raymond Loewy], so check out the full gallery over on Autocar, here.

The full Autocar gallery features the reimagining of models from brands such as Tesla, Citroen, Range Rover, as well as this rather cute Mercedes A-Class redux


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