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3D Systems shrinks pellet-fed EXT 800 Titan 3D Printer for design prototyping

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3D Systems has announced the latest in its EXT Titan Pellet systems — the EXT 800 Titan Pellet – a speedy, pellet-fed FDM 3D printer with a smaller footprint to fit into workshops and labs.

With a build volume of 800 x 600 x 800 mm, 3D Systems states that the reliability and efficiency of its large-format EXT 1070 Titan Pellet and EXT 1270 Titan Pellet 3D printers has been carried over in a more compact format with lower upfront investment.

With approximately 10-times lower material costs than filament 3D printers, the EXT 800 Titan Pellet is an option for producing functional prototypes in the same polymers a part would be injection moulded with.

The Titan range use CNC controllers for reliable applications, heated beds and chambers for part accuracy, and its proprietary pellet extrusion hardware, which 3D Systems says  enables print speeds up to 10-times faster than traditional filament printing.

Additionally, active bed and chamber heating allows the use of glass and carbon-filled high-temperature engineering materials such as ABS, PC, Nylons, PEI, and PEKK as well as highly flexible TPE and TPU – materials that are traditionally tricky to use on filament-based machines.

The new model features a single extrusion tool head and a user experience that has been refined to make it more applicable to offices, workshops and labs, as well as larger shop floors.

The compact frame enables the printer to fit through a standard set of double doors providing ease of delivery and installation. The system also includes a large, front-mounted touchscreen for an intuitive user experience.


“With the addition of the EXT 800 Titan Pellet to our industry-leading family of pellet extrusion systems, we are able to bring this technology to a broader set of manufacturers to enhance their products and innovation,” said 3D Systems VP of Titan Rahul Kasat.

“We believe the combination of high-speed, high-quality printing with a smaller footprint and lower upfront investment cost will make the EXT 800 Titan Pellet an attractive solution for a variety of industrial applications. This is yet one more example of how 3D Systems develops innovative solutions that empower our customers to stay ahead of the curve.”

The EXT 800 Titan Pellet is available for order, with delivery anticipated for the Q3 2024.

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