Saturn 4 Ultra

Elegoo uses AI automation to track 3D printing

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Chinese company Elegoo has launched the Saturn 4 and Saturn 4 Ultra, their improved desktop 3D printers with a range of new features including AI detection.

The Saturn 4 offers a build volume of 218.88 x 122.88 x 220 mm³ and features automatic levelling and mechanical sensor alerts for detailed prints.

It has a flip-up design that is intended to be user-friendly for professionals and beginners alike.

The Saturn 4 Ultra is also designed for a range of users, from beginner hobbyists to professionals.

It includes a 12K Mono LCD, COB and Fresnel Collimating Lens for smooth surfaces, an advanced cooling system and hands-free automatic levelling.

New Tilt Release technology allows printed models to be peeled off from the release film by tilting the resin tank and LCD screen.

The Saturn 4 Ultra’s AI detection and alarm system include empty build plate and warp detection.


AI detection monitors the printing status in real-time, creating time-lapse videos of the printing process.

The 4 Ultra also features Wi-Fi transfer, cluster printing and power-loss resume printing.

It is designed to be able to start printing right out of the box.

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