CAD library goes mobile with new TraceParts app

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The TraceParts app gives access to an extensive library of 3D models wherever you are. Sadly there’s no help for the man with 8 arms…

TraceParts, a digital engineering 3D content company, has launched a new mobile application to give access to an extensive database containing millions of technical data with 3D models.

The application, available on both the Android and iOS platforms, can be used anywhere and anytime, during a commute or in a meeting, with parts that can be viewed live and moved around at a touch.

Free to download, the app is built from TraceParts’ long established online CAD library, where once selected from among hundreds of suppliers’ catalogues, models can be easily sent by email in any one of the many supported native or neutral CAD formats.
“We’re always working to make Product Content available everywhere and our new mobile app is an exciting step closer to this goal,” commented TraceParts product manager Bertrand Cressent while glued to his iPhone screen.

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