Detachable design for drivers might solve bacteria boom on buses

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According to studies, the steering wheel of your local bus is likely carrying more bacteria than a toilet seat, furthering poor cabin hygiene for the no doubt grumpy driver, and any passengers they come into contact with.

Custom steering system manufacturer Pailton Engineering is offering a potential solution of a detachable bus steering wheel — a concept designed for infection prevention and the reduction of work-related sickness among the bus and coach driving workforce.

“Many bus drivers would agree that the cab is not always the most hygienic of working environments,” explained Roger Brereton, head of sales at Pailton Engineering.
“The use of certain disinfecting wipes will cause the steering wheel material to degrade over time, so as a possible alternative, we are offering this prototype to gauge reaction, assess the potential and, if nothing else, raise awareness of a genuine problem.

It raises the point of having custom parts for repetitive jobs – much like what we’ve seen with then 3D printing of jigs and fixtures for workers on assembly lines.

Pailton Engineering’s designers are also addressing wider ergonomic issues for bus drivers, who are statistically more likely to experience musculoskeletal problems, especially in the back, neck and shoulders, than other professions.

To help improve the overall working environment the company has developed a fully adjustable, electric column that will allow for far greater variability of positions for the driver, improving comfort and greatly reducing the risk of injury.


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