EnvisionTEC 3D printer family gets software upgrade and materials possibilities

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EnvisionTEC’s printers will all run on version 3.1 of its Perfactory Software

The latest Perfactory Software from EnvisionTEC is aiming to bring a more unified look and feel across the company’s family of 3D printers, allowing users to maintain settings between different 3D printers.

Version 3.1 also offers new features, including an upgrade to support construction and the integration of its 3D-Bioplotter technology.

Dr. Carlos Carvalho, EnvisionTEC’s 3D-Bioplotter specialist, confirms the advantages of the new supports, “The previous version automatically added supports, which worked great for more casual users, but when specific designs came about that deviated from the norm, our engineers needed a much more finite level of control”.
Additionally, EnvisionTEC has announced its collaboration with DSM Somos for new additive manufacturing material development.

According to EnvisionTEC COO John Hartner the partnership will allow both companies to develop new applications. “Working together will accelerate the possibility of producing large industrial parts with a high level of performance at much faster speeds.”


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