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Twinmotion makes its real-time viz software free to use

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Twinmotion will now be free to users at companies generating under $1M in annual gross revenue, or $445 for an individual seat should you cross that threshold.

The realtime visualisation software will remain free even for commercial use, while continuing to support students, educators, and hobbyists while doing away with the Education and Community versions of its licenses.

Users will transition to the updated model starting with the release of Twinmotion 2023.2.4, planned for late April 2024.

Alongside the changes to individual seats, Twinmotion, Unreal Engine, and RealityCapture tools are being brought together as part of the new Unreal Subscription. A Twinmotion spokesperson said that the company’s goal is to help teams across industries efficiently build high-quality 3D experiences. The package starts at $1,850 per seat/year, with more info here.

“These updates enable us to build on what Twinmotion is today: a fast and easy visual storytelling tool for architecture, automotive, fashion, and beyond. Our goal is to keep our tools free for as many people as possible, especially those who are just starting out, and to continue to provide the very best, most advanced creator tools to all industries.”

The only difference between the free or purchased seat subscription will be that Twinmotion Cloud is only included as part of a paid for seat, otherwise Twinmotion says that the functionality is ‘identical’, with no restrictions on rendering resolution and no watermarks added.

Community-based support and learning materials will remain open and free to use for everyone, and accessible on the Epic Developer Community.

For more information and to check how this could affect your workflow, click here.