Dassault dons dispatch drivers hat, with new Ortems acquisition

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Ortems looks set to join the family of Delmia solutions

Dassault Systèmes has announced its latest acquisition of Ortems, a provider of production scheduling and dispatch software, to add to its Delmia family of solutions.

Based in Lyon, France, Ortems will extend Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform for next generation manufacturing, supply chain and even delivery dispatch.

More than 16,000 users in 60 countries are using Ortems’ Agile Manufacturing and PlannerOne solutions for manufacturing operations management of smart factories, where a highly synchronized manufacturing IT system supports the link between virtual design and physical production.
Customers include AIA, Courvoisier, GE Power, Givaudan, Heineken and Thalès, and it boasted a revenue of nearly €5M in 2015.

Dassault suggests that manufacturing plants are inherently unstable due to machine stoppage, workforce and skills shortage, changing orders and supply chain disruptions. It’s aim for Ortems is to provide scheduling decision support tools to absorb such complexities and to produce the optimum schedule based on unlimited “what if” simulations.

The tool should allow for instantaneous interactive modifications, impact analysis and exception management to support demand and short- and mid-term production schedules, while users can automate, optimise, compare production schedules to meet delivery dates, and increase resource utilisation and profitability.



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