Nexa3D announces UK availability for its fast SLA 3D printing, and a new CEO

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3D printer manufacturer Nexa3D has signed up Creat3D as its new UK reseller, meaning its fast stereolithography 3D printing technology out of California is now available on the shores of Blighty.

The NXE400 by Nexa3D promises ultrafast SLA 3D printing of 10mm per minute in the Z-axis using Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing technology to transform how fast it can build 3D models using three available materials – its fast option, a tough option and a ‘super tough’.

Nexa3D’s transformation from a start-up has arisen out of the Californian technology hub Xponential Works, founded by former 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental, who has also been announced as Nexa3D’s permanent Chief Executive Officer while also also continuing to serve as the company’s Executive Chairman.

Meanwhile, Creat3D continues to grow as a reseller of the latest 3D printer brands, including Formlabs, Makerbot, Markforged, and BigRep.
“Adding Nexa3D to our range enables our clients to benefit from a wide suite of AM capabilities and bridge the gap into production-scale manufacturing,” said Creat3D director Sabina Gonzalez-George.

“The speed that Nexa3D offers, being able to print in seconds and minutes, rather than hours and days, at injection moulding quality, means that our clients can see immediate time and design efficiencies, as well as realising increased profitability.”

“Watching prints happen in a matter of minutes offers a whole new meaning to ‘rapid prototyping’. Imagine being in a design meeting, making a change to your CAD, then getting that print back within the meeting.


Gonzalez-George, added: “It’s enabling a real-time design feedback loop and huge design efficiencies. We can’t wait to start working with clients on using the tech!”

Creat3D expect much of the NXE400’s benefits to be found in rapid design development and prototyping in particular for automotive, motorsport and consumer products.

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