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Adobe Substance makes renders reality with Mimaki colour 3D Prints

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The Adobe Substance team has spoken about its continuing relationship with 3D printing vendor Mimaki, and making best use of its incredibly faithful reproduction of colours in its parts.

The Adobe Substance and Mimaki teams first joined forces in early 2019, working on a car graphics and textures design community contest.

Mimaki Adobe Substance xtaon
Mimaki 3D printed the winning cars from Substance’s initial community contest

The Mimaki team 3D printed the winning cars, highlighting the difference that texturing brought to the same model.

“We were excited to learn more about the Substance products as we knew they were a great fit for the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 full color 3D printer,” says Josh Hope, 3D printing and engineering projects manager at Mimaki.

“We started discussing how we could work together to show how the Substance software and the Mimaki printer seemed to be made for each other.”

The Substance team subsequently launched a second texturing contest – Meet MAT 2, this time with displacement – which produced some incredible artwork.The Mimaki team set about 3D printing the winners, which took the level of colour realism and detail a step further.

The winning design was by artist William Ruhlig, with the level of complexity and detail in the layers mind-blowing for the Mimaki team.


“It was definitely not a surprise to see this entry as the winner!” says Mimaki 3D applications specialist Jaime Martinez.

“Working the fur part of the penguin’s coat was the most difficult part. The mesh had to be adapted in a way that the printer can reproduce it as accurately as possible.

“I ended up separating that part of the surface to add a different displacement value and then did some smoothing with the sculpt tool in Blender.”

The Mimaki team prepared a tutorial on Academy, showcasing the steps to create a 3D printable file from a design in Substance.

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