Mimaki 3DGD-1800 3D Printer

Mimaki connects 2D & 3D Printing knowhow with new 3DGD-1800

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With experience in producing professional 2D and 3D printers, Mimaki has taken its efforts even further with a large format 3D printer.

The Mimaki 3DGD-1800 is reportedly capable of producing objects up to 1.8m tall in just 7 hours using a dual-head configuration to enable the simultaneous output of two structures.

Primarily targeted at signage and display manufacturers, the 3D printer also facilitates the production of support-free hollowed structures, allowing for extra portability and addition of interior lighting for displays.

Mimaki explains that this will mean designs can be visualised as a finished product just based on the 3D data, and then produced in various sizes from a single data set.

The 3DGD-1800 employs Gel Dispensing Printing technology, extruding a UV curable gel-resin lineally and utilising LED UV light to instantly cure it, enabling the lamination speeds of up to 350mm in height per hour.

Users can utilise Mimaki’s portfolio of 2D print solutions to cost-effectively decorate these applications, helping keep the design and production in the same ecosystem.

“Part of what makes our approach unique here at Mimaki is our dedication to being a Total Solutions Provider, and as such we have ensured that even beyond the 3D printing stage, our Mimaki inkjet printers can then be utilised to add colour and décor, making created objects even more impressive and immensely versatile,” commented Mimaki Europe senior product manager Bert Benckhuysen.


“With our unique vision, wealth of experience from across the print industry and unwavering commitment to innovation, we intend to lead the sign graphics industry in both two- and three-dimensional signages – and the introduction of the new Mimaki 3DGD-1800 is a fantastic step forward in achieving this goal.”

The 3DGD-1800 is available from April 2020.

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