DEVELOP3D LIVE 2019 Preview

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See the world class facilities at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)

In the last ten years, we have never seen such rapid advances in manufacturing technology. From metal additive, through real-time analysis and IoT sensors, to digital twins and powerful GPUs driving real-time ray tracing and VR, product designers and engineers need to keep up with the latest advances and keep evolving their traditional skills to drive new digital workflows. DEVELOP3D Live is the perfect opportunity to hear, see and touch the future of product development technology.

Our first big news is that we have a new home. We are proud to run this year’s multistream conference and exhibition at Sheffield University, one of the UK’s High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult centres and home to the incredible Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and Integrated Manufacturing Group’s Factory 2050. The new venue, comprising the connected Octagon and INOX buildings, provides us with a more condensed footprint, with better linking of conference rooms and exhibition spaces.

On Tuesday 16 April (the day before the event), we are offering special tours of the faculty’s fantastic resources, including the AMRC’s Design & Prototyping facility, Factory 2050 and the Royce Translational Centre (RTC).

The tour starts at 2.30pm, running until 4.15pm. If you would like to come, please register here. Tickets are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, with a waiting list. See below to find out more.

AMRC’s Design & Prototyping facility researches new machining processes, additive manufacturing, fabrication and advanced analytical tools to develop next generation prototypes. Areas of research cover medical, mechanical, electrical, additive and analysis applications.


Factory 2050 is a remarkable research facility, focusing on reconfigurable, digitally assisted assembly, component manufacturing and machining technologies and is capable of rapidly switching production between different high-value components and one-off parts.

Royce Translational Centre is a world leading research facility for advanced materials science and engineering.

The Centre is specifically known for its expertise in powder metallurgy and bridges the gap between small-scale laboratory research and industrial-scale manufacturing and processing.

On April 17, the day of the event, we will also run a number of tours of the architecturally impressive Sheffield University Diamond Building, together with its research labs. You can register for this tour on the day when you pick up your badge.

Themes and streams

This year, we have lots of truly amazing speakers for you to choose from.

DEVELOP3D Live 2019 will feature four simultaneous talk areas: a mainstage for keynotes and industry talks, with three break-out sessions, covering additive manufacturing, design visualisation and workshops that allow you to dig deeper into topics such as optimised design workflows, tax credits for R&D and how to protect your intellectual property in a post-Brexit Britain!


Sheffield is well-connected by the road and rail networks. The event is a short bus/cab ride from Sheffield Station and there is a multistorey car park directly opposite, where spaces can be pre-booked. For full travel information, including how to get there by rail, bus, car and bicycle, click here.


We appreciate that many of you travel great distances to attend the show. With registration opening at 8:00 am on Wednesday 17 April and the event starting promptly at 9.30am, we are pleased to offer quality, affordable bed and breakfast university accommodation on-site for £46.

Rooms are available on Tuesday 16 April and/or Wednesday 17 April.

Book your room directly by clicking here (conference registration also required – see below.)

For hotel accommodation click here.

Claim your free ticket

We look forward to welcoming you to DEVELOP3D LIVE 2019 on Wednesday 17 April at The Octagon Centre, University of Sheffield, S10 2TQ.

With four conference streams, over 60 exhibitors and several workshops, we suggest you bring your whole team to get the most from the day.
To register click here

Brompton keynote

We’re very excited to announce one of our keynotes this year will be Jonathan Heath, lead mechanical designer at Brompton Bicycle.

The Brompton bicycle is an iconic and beautifully refined engineering product designed and manufactured in the UK. To get where the product is today took many years of engineering development using very much a traditional build, test, break approach.

Aside from the expense, sole use of this method is time consuming.

Jonathan Heath will explain how Brompton’s designers now utilise FEA tools to help reduce development time; for both new developments and for existing bike improvements.

One specific area that Brompton has used FEA is in mapping the ride characteristics through frame stiffens behaviour; this helps to digitally map its bike and define a baseline for new bike developments.

We’ll be announcing our other exciting keynotes in the coming weeks, so stay tuned on DEVELOP3D LIVE


With over 60 exhibitors, covering software, hardware and services, DEVELOP3D Live is the perfect opportunity to get hands-on with the very latest technologies. Learn how they can support your future design challenges and transform your product development process.

DEVELOP3D Live is the only UK event to attract such a broad crosssection of technology providers, covering CAD software, generative design, topology optimisation, additive manufacturing, AI, 3D printing, workstation technology, design visualisation, VR/AR, simulation, data management, 3D scanning, tolerance analysis and lots, lots more.

Check out DEVELOP3D LIVE exhibitors to plan your day.

DEVELOP3D Live will explore the use of simulation up front in the design process (top), alongside the power of computation to explore new ideas

Design technology (CAD)

Product development technology is changing – from new ways to deliver and use software, to brand new methods for generating ideas and final forms.

This year, we’ll be exploring the greater use of simulation upfront in the design process and how to use the power of computation to explore new ideas.

Generative design is a subject on everyone’s mind, but few understand the true implications for the future.

Additive manufacturing presents a real opportunity and more than a few challenges along the way.

Join us on the main stage to explore the future together and discover new, exciting technologies along with ideas on how to use the tools we already have more efficiently.

Betatype x Uniform Wares timepiece with 3D printed titanium strap

Additive manufacturing (AM)

Additive manufacturing (AM) is now reaching exciting levels of maturity. In this dedicated conference track, find out more about the reality of designing parts for the process, the true abilities of the technologies and what is emerging just over the horizon.

Experienced companies including GKN Additive will give an insight into how their designs for AM play a huge role in a variety of industrial applications, such as automotive and aerospace.

Other firms including Betatype will explain how a wider variety of industry verticals, including consumer goods, can also benefit from 3D-printed production, going into detail on how 3D printing can add improved functionality and economic viability.

New for 2019 is a Future of Manufacturing panel session.

Attendees will learn what trends industry experts foresee and their outlooks for the near term, presenting an opportunity to plan in advance and gain a competitive edge.

Learn about the very latest CPU and AI-accelerated GPU rendering tools plus lots more

Design visualisation/VR

Design visualisation is one of the most rapidly advancing technology sectors in our industry with amazing new software and hardware.

We have seen huge increases in power, and reductions in cost in CPUs with high core counts and GPUs, together with innovations like Nvidia RTX, cloud rendering, VR, AR and even real-time ray tracing. And all of this despite increased scene complexity and multiple configurations.

This year’s line-up of design visualisation experts and technologists is unparalleled.

We’ll be exploring how leading vendors are adapting to new technologies to make existing products quicker, more efficient and more powerful, as well as discovering new workflows to help take your complex CAD data into the lightweight requirements of the virtual world.

For those working at the intersection of digital art, product design/engineering data and immersive collaboration, this is a must-attend conference stream.

Learn how to design and optimise a Brompton Bicycle in Altair’s workshop


This year, DEVELOP3D Live will play host to three workshops to help you dive deeper into technology and key issues surrounding product development.

With potential changes in law surrounding Brexit, we’ve teamed up with Intellectual property (IP) expert Potter Clarkson to offer an exclusive workshop on what it could mean to your existing IP and how to best protect your designs.

Whether you’re one of the biggest players in R&D, or a smaller start-up looking to grow through innovation, you’ll want to hear what you could potentially be claiming in R&D tax credits in our special workshop hosted by experts in the field, Randd UK.

Altair will run a workshop in conjunction with Brompton Bicycle, showing how to accurately capture complex mechanical behaviour and optimise designs. Using the iconic Brompton bike structure, evaluations will be made on free form and shape optimisation, predictive simulation (virtual versus test), casting, stamping, mould filling and additive manufacturing (solid and lattice).

A taste of what’s in store at DEVELOP3D LIVE 2019 in Sheffield

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