TechShop offers up 50 lifetime memberships

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Is Barry about to sign up Michelle and the kids?

TechShop, a concept that we know and love, is offering our dear cousins across the Atlantic the chance to sign up to there nearest centre for life, with 50 of these memberships available nationwide.

Prices run from $7,500 per individual, $9,000 for a couple, or $10,000 for a family of 2 adults and up to 4 children under the age of 21, with the sign-up deadline being 31 August, or when the 50 person mark has been reached.

The one off cost looks steep, but there’s a lot of bang for your buck.


With a wide variety of equipment and fast training available, TechShop could be an addition to designers wanting a workshop, or simply for that project that’s outgrown your garden shed

Considering you’ll have access to every TechShop location and community across the US, seven days a week, from 9AM-midnight for the rest of your life (and will never have to think about another membership payment or price hike again), it’s not the worst value proposition given the quality of the facilities, the hardware and software, and the training available to get your project underway.

All this is before you take into account the 50 guest passes and free year of training that’s included in the price.

Should you have children who are already into messing with parts, desperate for a 3D printer, or fixing up their car, the family option should last them through at least three new hobbies, and well into university education.

TechShop has recently been in the media following president Barrack Obama’s visit and speech commending America’s burgeoning ‘Maker Movement’, and the company has plans to open up bases in the UK, starting with Birmingham, mid-way through 2015.

For more information on TechShop, read our article from earlier this year here, or watch TechShop’s international MD Paul Duggan speaking at DEVELOP3D LIVE below.


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