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XR-4 series headsets Varjo’s closest to reality yet

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Varjo has launched its next generation XR-4 series headsets – XR-4, XR-4 Focal Edition and XR-4 Secure Edition – offering virtual and mixed reality experiences ‘practically indistinguishable from natural sight’.

Varjo’s highest-resolution displays, foveated capture stream, advanced LiDAR depth sensing and camera sensors, all add-up in the new Varjo XR-4 series design, while being powered by Nvidia RTX Ada Generation GPUs like the A6000,

The XR-4 Focal Edition has all the features of the XR-4 but offers the gaze-directed autofocus cameras and further optimised camera resolution for pilot training and other cockpit-based use cases. To meet the needs of Varjo’s government and defense customers, the XR-4 Secure Edition adheres to all government and enterprise-level security requirements.

XR-4 Varjo headest front thirdBoth the XR-4 and XR-4 Focal Edition offer versions of the headsets that can go completely offline, are TAA compliant, non-RF and assembled in Finland.

Dual 4K x 4K displays give a resolution of 51 pixels per degree (ppd) and over 50% wider field of view (120° x 105°) compared to previous-generation devices, with double the display brightness (200 nits) and wider colour gamut with 96% DCI-P3.

The new features don’t stop there, with dual 20 Mpx cameras power the high-fidelity, real-time photorealistic video pass-through for mixed reality, and new ambient light sensors and 8 x improved LiDAR resolution compared to Varjo XR-3 that blends real and virtual elements.

Built-in DTS 3D spatial audio plus noise-canceling mics and integrated speakers aid collaboration, while inside-out tracking and in-box Varjo Controllers, powered by Razer, providing precise interactions with high tactile immersion.


For projects requiring hand tracking, the headset supports Ultraleap’s Leap Motion 2 hand tracking module as part of a kit including a custom mount, setup instructions, and license handling.

Varjo Reality Cloud remains, helping streamline immersive 3D workflows across organisations and departments. Integration to the Nvidia Omniverse platform for connecting complex 3D pipelines and developing applications based on OpenUSD.

“As we enter a period of rapid expansion in mixed reality adoption, we’re proud to drive the industry forward by bridging the gap between human vision and computer vision with our new XR-4 series,” said Varjo CPO Patrick Wyatt.

“For the past five years, Varjo customers have demonstrated that true innovation happens when the most advanced computing power meets the highest-immersion XR in the hands of industrial users, and we can’t wait to see the applications unlocked by the XR-4 series’ technological breakthroughs.”

Varjo has also expanded its secure manufacturing capabilities with a new facility in Espoo, Finland where a dedicated manufacturing line for the Secure Edition will be operational in December.

Pricing starts at $3,990 with HMDs available for enterprise orders immediately, with shipping beggining in December 2023.

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