Shapeways community takes off with 3D printed accessories for latest DJI drones

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An official tie-in means the Shapeways community is able to design custom parts for DJI drones, such as the new Phantom 3, to be 3D printed

Online 3D printing bureau and community, Shapeways, has partnered with drone designers DJI in what it’s calling the first major brand support of the maker community.

The community has created cradles for iPhones to aid the control of the drone’s camera, lens hoods and landing leg extenders, all 3D printed.

The announcement comes soon after DJI has launched its latest model, the Phantom 3, which has drone enthusiasts and photographers excited – with this extending now to the maker community.

Community member Wegglez designed a bracket to house a smart phone on the drone controls, to aid camera control


“We’re excited to see what new designs and accessories show up in the future.” said Shapeways public relations manager Mansee Muzumdar.

“We’re so glad that DJI is further supporting its customers’ passion and innovation by highlighting some of the best community-designed accessories and opening up co-creation to its whole fan base.”

Shapeways community member Fusion Imaging created a range of products for the drones, including custom lens shilds

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