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Honda increase virtual testing with latest VI-grade simulator

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With the automotive industry looking to bridge the gap between virtual simulation and physical testing, Honda has announced its adoption of a VI-grade DiM250 Dynamic Simulator.

The dynamic configuration provides motion feedback to the driver thanks to a nine-degrees-of-freedom moving platform with reduced dimensions and larger displacements.

The simulators go beyond the basic six actuators design, providing a larger workspace while maintaining high stiffness. VI-grade says this allows the system to be more relevant for low as well as for high frequencies that characterise automotive chassis design, allowing them to hone ride development and A/B testing.

Honda Group’s R&D site in Offenbach, Germany, has relied on a model of the DiM250 simulator for vehicle development and testing since 2018. As the DiM250 has proven to be a valuable tool and development platform for the European team, Honda has now decided to introduce an extended version of DiM250 at its main development center in Japan.

Honda says that the new driving simulator will be deployed in the areas of ride and handling, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), human-machine interface and HiL (hardware in the loop), aimed to accelerate innovation in the overall development process, while reducing the number of physical prototypes, development time and costs.

“We are pleased to announce the adoption of a second VI-grade Dynamic Simulator at Honda,” said Toru Yoshii, Japan Country Manager at VI-grade. “With the DiM Simulator on both sides of the ocean, Honda has now the ideal common development platform for their R&D activities and is at the forefront of virtual vehicle development.”


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