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Swatchbook partners with Bru Textiles for fabrics visualisation

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Swatchbook has announced a new partnership that will give digital access to Bru Textiles’ massive material catalogue for 3D visualisation through its cloud-based site.

Bru Textiles is one of the world’s largest distributors of fabrics for the home furnishing, architecture and interior design, and for the past three years has invested in creating a digital twin of all of their fabrics., the digital branch of Bru Textiles, has digitised close to 10,000 materials to date and recently introduced, an online platform that offers modelling and rendering services using their digitised materials.

Through this service Bru is uniquely positioned to offer digital services backed by years of experience in the fabric industry.

As part of the partnership with Swatchbook, Bru will use the Swatchbook platform to distribute its collections of materials to their customers all over the world.

The goal is to reduce the need for physical samples, leading to reduced lead times to market, and implementing a more sustainable process overall.

Bru and swatchbook are planning to roll out their offerings to the Bru’s customers later this summer, with all fabrics available in the enterprise Swatchbook marketplace for existing subscribers.


People invited to the platform will be able to browse the various fabric collections that have been shared with them on both IOS and desktop and in the following ways:

  • High-res photographic images of fabrics in drape and roll display
  • Patented 1:1 display on mobile
  • Fabrics mapped to multiple 3D objects displayed in an interactive viewer
  • Display of objects with fabrics in AR on mobile
  • Explore new designs through patent-pending “capture to manufacture” application
  • Up-to-date information on all fabric details
  • Sample ordering directly through the app
  • Download fabrics for exploration and visualization in their own 2D and 3D application

Swatchbook Bru Textiles fabric visualisation

“Teaming up with Swatchbook, who are as passionate about the digital visualisation of fabrics as we are, is an exciting new phase in the digital distribution and reach of our fabrics,” said Bru Textile CEO Jason Neiman.

“As the world is being transformed by technology and other changes, this platform brings a welcome change to our industry.”

“Bru and Swatchbook’s visions are very much aligned when it comes to digital materials and processes,” added Swatchbook CEO Yazan Malkosh. “It is rare to find a distributor of fabrics who is as digitally advanced as Bru is.

“Working with a partner like Bru will allow us to enhance the user experience of Swatchbook even more, and revolutionise the world of fabrics for home goods and interior architecture.”

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