Maxon One Cinema 4D render ready

Cinema 4D adds render-ready scenes for fast viz

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Maxon One has added preconfigured, render-ready starter scenes to its October release, as it looks to make the tools as impactful as possible for new users, and help introduce faster rendering workflows from the off.

Cinema 4D 2024.1 continues to build upon the performance improvements introduced in the 2024 update, with new Cinema 4D users can now use starter scenes to kickstart their workflow in the software.

Additionally, all users of its MoGraph toolset are set to benefit from speed gains around Effectors and Multi-instance Cloners. As expected, high priority bug fixes tackle all elements of Cinema 4D.

Elsewhere in Maxon One, the updated Cineware for Adobe Illustrator plugin establishes compatibility between the latest releases of Adobe Illustrator 2023 and Cinema 4D 2024.1, allowing users to add and edit 3D objects directly within Adobe Illustrator.

Redshift 3.5.20 brings bug fixes for all DCCs, and enhances the quality and movement of the camera through a scene, no longer reducing your render preview to a low-res, noisy scramble.

With the new undersampling technique for RT, the camera navigation speed is boosted and maintans a specified level of quality.

High-density meshes and close-up renders benefit from per-pixel displacement in RT, with improved performance when compared to earlier versions of Redshift. RT also now supports texture compression, which reduces the amount of VRAM that is being used by textures.


Exploring the past, present and future of art, Maxon will be showcasing the latest updates and more at NAB New York 2023. Taking place from 24-26 October, the company will feature expert presenters and showcase a variety of projects – inspired by impactful memories and built from archived galleries, including designing cyborgs and predicting the future of motion graphics.

“Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by these luminaries who have continuously pushed their boundaries and achieved remarkable success in their respective fields,” said Maxon CEO David McGavran. “We have been incredibly pleased with the turnout at events this year and are excited for more people to experience firsthand at NAB New York the power and versatility of the Maxon One tools, and how they can be used to redefine creative possibilities.”

DEVELOP3D readers can use Maxon’s exclusive code “NY3627” to register for NAB New York for free.

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