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Syroco target 150 km/h with optimised sailing craft design

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Simulation experts Esteco has announced its partnership with French innovation lab Syroco, as the start-up aims to break the world sailing speed record.

Co-founded by the two-time holder of the world sailing speed record, Alex Caizergues, Syroco is making bold choices to optimise the energy efficiency of the craft so that it can perform most effectively on water and reach the targeted speed of 80 knots (150 km/h), powered only by the wind.

Syroco is optimising the design of its sailing speedcraft using ModeFrontier for process automation and optimisation in the engineering design process, the tools of choice for several America’s Cup AC75 foiling yachts known to be able to sail at a speed of up to 50 knots (92.6 km/h).

Luna Rossa PRADA Pirelli, American Magic, Groupama team France and Land Rover BAR all relied on ModeFrontier to design their America’s Cup boats in recent editions of the contest.

“At Syroco, we describe our quest to shatter the World Sailing Speed Record as a Moonshot Challenge: an extreme and daring endeavour, which requires intense innovation and precise execution,” said Caizergues.

“Our research and engineering teams need to use the best numerical simulation software, and we are extremely excited to be supported by Esteco. With ModeFrontier we are able to optimise every aspect of our speed craft design, ensuring we get the highest energy efficiency and reach the best possible performance.”

“Esteco Technology is all about supporting engineering companies in pushing the limits of innovation. Syroco perfectly embodies this vision and we’re excited to see how they will leverage the power of ModeFrontier to design the world’s fastest sailboat,”, said Esteco President Carlo Poloni.


Syroco’s vision to bring cutting edge innovation into maritime transportation, should hopefully have knock-on effects beyond speed – assisting with energy transition and opportunities to deploy technology advancements that decrease the overall environmental impact.

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