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RapidMiner acquired by Altair for machine learning

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RapidMiner’s low-code platform has been acquired by Altair to help develop production-scale data pipelines and machine learning models.

Reportedly used by more than one million people of all skill levels, RapidMiner puts the abilities of advanced data analytics into the hands users, with hundreds of drag-and-drop building blocks to transform and augment data – greatly accelerating work for coders and non-coders alike.

A flexible delivery model includes desktop, on-premises servers to multi-tenant cloud, providing enterprises with the necessary scale.

Altair says that RapidMiner will be integrated within existing tools, such as Altair Knowledge Studio, Altair SmartWorks, and Altair SLC, to provide a comprehensive, code-optional, multi-language, SaaS-ready, cloud-scale platform for enterprise data analytics and data science.

“This acquisition significantly strengthens Altair’s end-to-end data analytics (DA) portfolio, which already offers customers the power to understand, transform, act on, and automate their data,” said Altair CEO James R. Scapa.

“Machine learning is becoming an essential part of business, but often the barriers to building ML models are too high to get started. Too much data, not enough data science expertise, and insecure or unscalable production environments can all keep a business from executing on their data analytics vision. That’s where RapidMiner can be transformative.”

RapidMiner founder and CTO Dr. Ingo Mierswa, will join Altair. Under Mierswa’s leadership, RapidMiner pioneered the concept of visual, explainable data science, helping introduce automatic data science, text analytics, automated feature engineering, deep learning, and more.


“Altair and RapidMiner share the same vision to make data analytics simple enough for all users, but scalable, governed, and safe enough for all enterprises,” said Mierswa. “We see this as an incredibly exciting opportunity to watch our solutions grow across the globe and expand into a larger, more powerful ecosystem.”

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