WATCH // Jewellery manufacturing process, broken down from all angles

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Weston Beamor has been casting jewellery for over 70 years

The jewellery design and production process is one of the most beguiling for us here in D3D Towers – so simple on paper, it’s actually a complex act of blending high technology, ancient nous, and delicate human craftsmanship.

Melding 3D CAD, 3D wax printing, lost-wax casting, precious metals, gem stones and a whole lot of buffing, it’s pretty much the same process should you make a truly unique high-end piece, or a mass produced ‘out of the back pages of the Argos catalogue’ job.

For product designers, it should also open a few eyes, given the skill levels involved in a process somehow claimed by the craft industry – it’s no surprise that traditional jewellery and watchmaking companies often move into medical and weapons design, given their skills of designing, producing and mechanising tiny components.
This video from Weston Beamor – an experienced casting company, based in Birmingham’s prestigious Jewellery Quarter – documents the entire process in all its mesmerising glory:


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