STEM Returners programme looks to help those restarting their careers

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Helping STEM qualified people close their CV gap and get back into work

A CV gap, for whatever reason, is often an insurmountable barrier to recruitment, often viewed negatively by both employers and returners, yet a new scheme aims to help all candidates with a STEM background find a way back into work.

Through a supported return to work scheme STEM Returners will also support those candidates who are interested in transferring to a different sector, but lack the relevant experience to apply through traditional recruitment channels.

Both the returners and employers will be fully supported throughout the programme which includes confidence training and coaching for the returner, a 13 week fully supported paid internship and a diverse and evolved mentoring scheme.
Alongside the experience gained from the work placement, the programme will provide additional support for the returner, such as training, career mentoring, networking opportunities and peer support.

At the end of the programme, at the agreement of the employer and the returner, there will also be the option for ongoing employment, making it not just work experience, but a genuine opportunity to restart careers.

If you’re an employer interested in attracting a new talent pool of experienced and diverse candidates, or a candidate looking to return to STEM, or transfer between sectors, visit the STEM Returners website here to find out more.


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