advanced modelling with Simulation 2022.1

Altair launches Simulation 2022.1 for sustainable lifecycles

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Altair has announced the release of Simulation 2022.1 which should allow users to apply simulation earlier in design processes to reduce errors, increase efficiency, reduce costs and enable sustainable lifecycles.

Simulation 2022.1 looks to help companies meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives, drive better, earlier design decisions, and bring the power of open-source technology to users around the world, by applying advanced simulation, cloud-based computing, and optimisation.

The American information technology company said that Simulation 2022.1 brings a variety of updates that bolster Altair’s sustainable product design capabilities.

Updates to Altair material data centre, OptiStruct, Multiscale Designer, HyperWorks, and SimLab, should help companies meet their lightweighting objectives, design requirements, budget constraints, and regulatory requirements.

These updates should also boost Altair’s topology optimisation, lightweighting, design certification, and high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities, allowing users to save resources, scale workloads, and reduce the project complexity.

Simulation 2022.1 light weighting capabilities
Simulation 2022.1 enables the development more efficient products that meet sustainability goals thanks to its lightweighting capabilities

By applying simulation earlier in design lifecycles, users should be able to reduce errors, save time and money, and access tools in a seamless, connected environment.

This update should include enhancements to Altair Inspire for improved design creation and optimisation experience, as well as updates to Altair SimSolid for lightning-quick simulation, reviewing design scenarios, and parametric modelling upgrades.


Additionally, this update should enrich Altair’s modelling and visualisation capabilities with a new HyperWorks workflow which streamlines the process of building a reduced order model for early conceptual optimisation.

Simulation 2022.1 should let users simplify models and perform topology optimisation with quicker turnaround times, facilitating more design studies, as well as strengthening model interpretation with 1D inflation capabilities.

Simulation 2022.1 offers OpenRadioss
With OpenRadioss, users can publicly access source code, and contributors can modify and create new functions

The new update aims to expand the power of open-source technology with the addition of OpenRadioss, which aims to bring a worldwide community of experts and users together.

Simulation 2022.1 should offer additional open-source updates: within the new UI Designer toolkit in Inspire, users should be able to assemble designs with predefined objects, modify, and save designs as a Python code skeleton that can be further developed.

Finally, the latest update encourages users to take advantage of Altair Exchange, a collaborative forum where users can utilise shared spaces for fine-tuning models, finding better scripts and optimising virtual workspaces and workflows.