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MSCOne adds Hexagon partner tools to platform

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MSC Software has extended its simulation offering by providing users access to software from Hexagon’s technology stable, through its MSCOne product access platform.

New MSC products, including MSC Apex Generative Design (featured in this year’s D3D 30 list by DEVELOP3D) and CAEfatigue have been made available for the first time through MSCOne, along with key software like MSC Nastran, Adams, Difimat and Simufact.

MSCOne operates on a flexible token licensing system, giving users access to any CAE software they need, but might not be able to justify with a separate license purchase.

The aim, explains MSC, is to offer designer and engineers the agility to provide immediate access to simulation tools when and where the software is needed, letting organisations maximise their return on investment, no matter the CAE budget.

This flexibility should also allow an organisation to allocate resources by distributing tokens across teams and regions, or to use on-premise computing interchangeably with cloud HPC centres.

Also announced was the launch of  MSCOneXT (MSCOne Extended Edition) which adds software from industry-leading technology partners.

MSCOne users will be able to try new products that extend and complement the capabilities of their MSC tools using tokens.


SmartUQ has joined the MSCOneXT Program to help customers solve their difficult analytics problems while reducing costs and saving thousands of hours of work.

“With SmartUQ’s integrations with MSC products, customers now have access to a powerful predictive analytics and uncertainty quantification (UQ) software tool that incorporates real world variability and probabilistic behavior into engineering and systems analyses,” shares Dr. Peter Chien, CEO and chief scientist of SmartUQ.

Model calibration and validation, Digital Twins, and Manufacturing Analytics are just a few of the advanced applications SmartUQ adds to the MSC solution set.

MSC Software COO John Janevic, explained: “Companies in every industry are turning to simulation to improve cost, quality, and innovation from R&D through to manufacturing and testing. By extending MSCOne to our technology partners, we are offering our customers a smarter way to access tools that enhance our offering to help them achieve greater innovation and productivity.

“Manufacturers have more reasons to become agile than ever before and CAE underpins many decisions.

“Through MSCOne, customers can now access our extensive simulation portfolio and e-learning wherever and whenever it is needed, so they can respond to their engineering and commercial priorities and adapt to new working practices.”

The MSCOne portfolio includes, but is not limited to:

For smaller organisations, the MSCOneSE (MSCOne StartEditon) might prove a more cost effective option, flexible option to access MSC’s core products and e-Learning.

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