Flying Bike/instant decapitator design

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It’s a warm summers day, you put on your biking leathers, pick up your helmet, and stride confidently to your ride waiting on the driveway outside.

You take off using it’s 6-rotor capability, soaring up into the sky.

You mess up the landing and come crashing to earth, ploughing into an orphanage for blind kittens, rotors still churning, your own head having been removed on impact.

Some designs aren’t meant to happen, but as it’s the dream of three (three!) partnering companies from the Czech Republic, they’ve eschewed commercial demand, aesthetics and common sense to construct a bike that can fly.


The journey from an idea to the take-off started a year and a half ago, using Dassault Systèmes technology to make it possible to design and manufacture the bike, and to test it and simulate its properties virtually.

All of the Flying Bike creators, regardless of their location and even though they were several hundred kilometers from each other, simultaneously worked on the same 3D data models.


The wonders of technology: realising the dreams that others had the sense to leave well alone…

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