DyeMansion Powershot Performance Series

DyeMansion Powershot Performance Series launches

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The DyeMansion Powershot Performance series has been launched, with the next generation of the company’s post processing equipment looking to tackle the issues of depowdering, colouring and surface finishing for mass manufacture.

DyeMansion has built itself a reputation for providing some pretty compelling hardaware for those looking to push the additive envelope in terms of automating certain aspects of part products – particularly in the often-neglected polymer additive world.

Its products to date have focused on three things – depowdering powder-based parts, surface finishing and colouring of parts.

While the company is continuing with separate machines for all of these processes (and has updated them), the release of the Powershot Dual Performance combines the cleaning (read: depowdering) and surface finishing (read: shot blasting) into a single machine for the first time – and it is a thing of beauty.

The Powershot Performance Dual features depowdering and surfacing in a single, automatable machine.

It’ll take the output from a system like an EOS P396 or HP Jet Fusion 4200 or 5200 and first carry out the cleaning of parts, recovering powder in a highly automated manner, then carrying out surface finishing, using the DyeMansion Multi Belt, an integrated wide-troughed belt.

The process time is reduced up to 20 per cent and the load capacity has increased 150 per cent, with Dyemansion claiming this makes the DyeMansion Powershot Performance Series more efficient than any other system available.


In combination with the fact that you save up to 60 per cent of your workspace (due to the two units combined into one footprint), the new series is claimed to enable the highest performance and offers maximum efficiency with the smallest workspace on the market.

The rollout of the new Powershot Performance series will begin with selected pilot customers like 3DPrintUK. Together with them, DyeMansion will continue to develop the systems.

Orders for the DUAL version are going to be accepted from Q4 2021 onwards. The new generations of the classic Powershot C and S are already available.

“With the new generation of our classic Powershot C and S models, the best products in their segment just got even better,” said Dyemansion CEO Felix Ewald.

“As we truly believe in the industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing, we came up with another solution for industrial and high-volume applications: our new Powershot Performance series.

“Now the time has come for 3D-printing to enter the next era, as we’ve accomplished another big step in post-processing.”

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