ModeFrontier Spring release updates sensitivity analysis

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Esteco ModeFrontier has introduced all new Sensitivity Analysis tools, complete with dashboard, to perform variable screening more effectively.

“You can now benefit from a more intuitive interface to perform a variable screening and exclude those variables with negligible relevance from optimisation or RSM projects,” said an Esteco spokesperson.

The sensitivity analysis tool also features a new Effect table chart, which should help the user better visualise the results of a sensitivity model and reduce engineering problem complexity.

Users can display the contribution of each factor and immediately exclude the unimportant inputs from RSM training and exploration.

In addition, the ModeFrontier user can experience new methodologies to train several sensitivity models with different factor/response combinations at the same time.

As an alternative to ‘SS-ANOVA’, Esteco has also added a new proprietary sensitivity algorithm based on the Polynomial Chaos Expansion to cover a wider range of specific use cases.

Among other new features and improvements, Volta has expanded its Planner environment capabilities, allowing users to run various configurations for the same engineering project and easily change design exploration and optimisation scenarios.

modefrontier volta planner
All the experience acquired during optimisation studies in Volta can be saved in the new Planner and shared with other team members

The ability to create, reuse, and apply multiple plans on top of the same simulation workflow should help in speeding up analysis work, executing various configurations of parameters, constraints, and objectives for the same engineering project.

Engineers are also able to create a plan from scratch directly from the Volta Planner web interface.

“This is another step forward in detaching the simulation automation workflow from the execution strategy,” says an Esteco spokesperson, explaining: “As a result, you gain more time to focus on your optimisation scenario and collaborate with other colleagues. Indeed, they can reuse your plans to perform further analysis and consequently reduce the whole product development time.”

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