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Ansys launches SimAI to enable more virtual testing

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Ansys SimAI, a physics-agnostic, software as a service (SaaS) application that combines the predictive accuracy of Ansys simulation with the speed of generative AI has been launched.

Instead of relying on geometric parameters to define a design, Ansys SimAI uses the shape of a design itself as the input, facilitating broader design exploration even if the structure of the shape is inconsistent across the training data.

Ansys says that the application can boost prediction of model performance across all design phases by a reported 10-100 times for computation-heavy projects.

Supporting an open ecosystem, users can train the AI using previously generated Ansys or non-Ansys data. Training and predictions are hosted on a cloud infrastructure to ensure that user data is kept secure and private.

Ansys states that by adding this type of generative AI into the design process alongside simulation, users can redefine and gain more value out of existing processes. With the product ‘operating at extreme speeds’, SimAI has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use for users without coding experience or deep learning expertise.

“Our customers across industries are becoming more reliant on generative AI to improve their design processes,” said Ansys senior VP products Shane Emswiler.

“The increased demand for cloud-native solutions signals momentum in the shift from siloed workflows to a more open, collaborative approach to simulation. Ansys SimAI, in combination with other Ansys solutions, opens a world of possibilities — helping organisations develop comprehensive, end-to-end processes for diverse applications with inherent time and cost saving benefits.”


Additional AI-enabled offerings, including Ansys AI+ products and AnsysGPT, will be available in Q1 2024.

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