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Rizium Glass Fiber 3D printing material launched by Rize

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Rize has continued the expansion of its certified materials family with the debut of Rizium Glass Fiber [sic] 3D printing material.

Rize claim that its latest offering is the only composite 3D printing material suitable for full-colour parts, and the stability to support parts with complex geometries that often can warp.

The make-up of the filament is based on Rize’s cyclic olefin-based matrix that does not release emissions at extrusion temperatures, has low moisture absorption, and offers high chemical resistance.

Rizium Glass Fiber has obtained UL Greenguard Certification on the XRize full-colour composite 3D printing platform, which brands it as safe to be used in offices and schools, or any enclosed spaces.

The new material expands the portfolio of the Rizium Alliance, where other 3D printing industry partners can implement safer, sustainable, recyclable 3D printing on a variety of platforms.

RIZE RIZIUM Glass Fiber gearbox

“Until now full colour 3D printing applications could only deliver weak approximations of the original, and users often avoided large parts or complex geometries because they could warp or crack,” said Rize CEO Andy Kalambi.


“With Rizium Glass Fiber’s high dimensional stability and durability, and UL Greenguard Certification for low chemical emissions, users have the flexibility to expand the applications suitable for 3D printing.”

Kalambi signed-off telling users to expect to hear more soon about further expansions to the Rizium Alliance, “so that all 3D printing users can work in safer, more sustainable and adaptive environments”.

Rize recently debuted the Rize 2XC, developed using Korean 3D printer manufacturer Sindoh’s 3D printer that runs using Rize’s Rizium composite materials.

The Rize 2XC has a dual-extruder and a portfolio of engineering-grade materials that Rize claims are certified zero emissions, recyclable, moisture-resistant and require minimal post-processing.

Read more about the Rize 2XC launch here.

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