EPLAN Experience looks to aid efficiency and optimisation in engineering projects

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EPLAN is looking to ensure users get the most from their CAE software

EPLAN is looking to ensure customers of its CAE systems are squeezing all the potential from them with its Experience product’s ‘action fields’ and involvement of qualified consultants.

Having carried out a survey that showed many companies aren’t taking full advantage of the capabilities of their CAE systems, EPLAN Experience looks to gives companies a way to utilise more of the available features.

Comprising of eight ‘action fields’ – modules that can be implemented separately or in almost any combination – Experience offers guidance for IT infrastructure, platform setup, codes and standards, product structure, design methods, workflow, process integration and project management.
The versatility of the service can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements, adding efficiency as and when needed and affordable.

In explaining some of the ‘action fields’ EPLAN showed that they are all very different in focus. The IT Infrastructure module, for example, ensures that EPLAN’s CAE products are optimally installed on an appropriate computing platform and that provisions are in place for maintenance and updating.

The Platform Setup module configures the software to provide an ideal working environment for the user’s needs, while the codes and standards module supports users in meeting the requirements of key national and international standards for system design and documentation.


The Product Structure module provides clear methods for structuring machines and systems, with an emphasis on developing design elements that can be re-used in future projects, and the design methods module assists users with selecting and implementing the most efficient construction methods for their tasks.

These modules are complemented by the Workflow module which facilitates the automation of design tasks by using, for example, scripting.

The process integration module ensures that the CAE software works efficiently with the user’s other company processes, such as ERP and PDM, and that the full potential of this connectivity is realised.

Finally, the Project Management module is an efficient planning tool for the implementation of the other EPLAN Experience modules and is particularly valuable in large applications involving multiple software licences or sites.

“We developed EPLAN Experience after carrying out a survey that showed many companies haven’t taken full advantage of the capabilities of their CAE systems,” said EPLAN UK director Ken Christie.

“That means they’re not getting the best return on their CAE investment and, even more important, they’re missing out on key benefits that would make them more competitive and more profitable. EPLAN Experience gives companies a way to address these issues conveniently and cost effectively.”

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