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SigmaTek adds Business Systems Suite to latest Service Pack

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SigmaTek Systems has announced the addition of its Business Systems Suite alongside the flagship product portfolio of Version 20 Service Pack 2 (SP2).

SigmaTek VP Engineering Glenn Durham made the introduction, saying: “It is exciting to bring the entire SigmaTEK Suite to a new level with this release of the Business Systems toolset.

“The way customers interact with technology has real ergonomic and efficiency impacts on their business – it needs to look great and function powerfully. Now more than ever, our engineers are focused on solutions that ensure business success while providing the most enjoyable user experience.”

He continued that familiarity and ergonomics with a software play a large part in programming speed and ease of use, which has been taken into account throughout v20

The updated user interface employs improved navigation and a ‘universal easy-reading display’ throughout all SigmaTek products to increase user focus.

Sigmatek SigmaQUOTE_PricingDetail
SigmaQuote is now available as a freestanding app or as an add-on module for SigmaNest

Additionally SigmaTek’s new quoting tool, SigmaQuote, is available as both a freestanding application for the quoting department as well as an add-on module for SigmaNest programmers.

SigmaQuote uses the SigmaNest nesting engine, part database, and costing parameters to deliver quotes after a speedy import of part geometry.


Full bi-directional integration with SigmaSuite products offers greater flexibility for a real world production workflow.

Quote workspaces can be modified after job creation, and parts can be added, removed, and even re-nested without recreating or reimporting the quote, and then pushed directly into production work orders.

As the core of SigmaTek Business Systems toolset, SigmaMRP provides single-source job management throughout manufacturing, from quotation to delivery and invoicing – integrating with both SigmaSuite products and other business systems to administer critical business data.

Examples include inventory, transactions, customers, suppliers, job status, cost, profitability, as well as several new improvements for jobs with complex assemblies and sub-assemblies, in addition to subcontract operations.

An inventory module now allows allocation of material and stock per BOM item for improved granularity, as well as allocation by batch for greater flexibility.

Complete integration with SigmaNest ensures stock is dynamically adjusted when programs are posted, deleted, or updated mid-production.

In the latest release, CAD/CAM products have added profiling and tooling features, and batch commands for work efficiency, and increased machine support.

Enhancements for SigmaBend include improved ‘Bend ID’ and sequence change information, additional support for Accurpress press brakes, and batch commands for part processing and press brake part reports.

SigmaCTL and SigmaDevelop have both been updated with user enhancements which include improved GUI side panels for all shapes from within the ‘Pipes with Taps’ section, and significant batch capabilities to support part quantity in automation, stock list management, and program posting.

SigmaNEST CAD/CAM developments include added support for ramping when using 3D bevel technology, measuring capability while in assembly mode, support for the latest CAD versions within the CAD Import Plus modules, and significantly improved batch processing performance as more parts are added to the SigmaNEST workspace.

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