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Shapeways adds CNC Machining global quote service

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Shapeways has announced its expansion into the $67.5B global CNC manufacturing market with the launch of its new CNC Instant Quote feature, as it looks to boost its additive and traditional manufacturing options.

The online quoting portal will provide access for CNC customers and enhance Shapeways’ suite of enterprise manufacturing solutions.

Having announced its move into traditional manufacturing technologies and processes in May 2021, saying at the time that Shapeways’ goal is to give its customers around the world the flexibility to scale on-demand production seamlessly while maintaining the highest levels of quality.

“By offering more options for production, customised fulfilment and improved supply chain agility for distributing end-use parts, we provide the manufacturing support and continuity needed to skyrocket business success,” it said.

With the launch of CNC Instant Quote, Shapeways customers can access a wide range of metal and plastic materials, like aluminium and ABS, and significant capacity – with reportedly over 50 high-precision machines ready to support prototype and production orders.

While known most for its online 3D printing service, Shapeways is aiming to facilitate customers manufacturing products at even the largest scale, whether that includes 3D printing or a conventional technology.

On top of CNC Machining, Shapeways offers, machine tooling, injection moulding, vacuum casting, urethane casting, and sheet metal services.


“In 2023, Shapeways Enterprise Manufacturing Solutions saw impressive growth in its large, multi-million-dollar automotive and robotics verticals. CNC machining, along with the company’s lineup of metal and polymer additive manufacturing and injection moulding, will continue to open growth opportunities in 2024,” said a Shapeways suit.

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