Printpool launch 3D printing course

Printpool launch 3D printing course targeting CAD users

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UK 3D Printing bureau Printpool has launched a new design for additive manufacturing training course aimed at existing CAD Users that aims to help users rethink their design process to benefit most from 3D printing.

The course will be delivered both in-person at Printpool’s Oxford base and online, starting April 2023, with its designers saying that the course will be as hardware and software agnostic as possible, encouraging participants to use the CAD software they are already familiar with.

3D printing software discussions will avoid the classic ‘Click here, then hear’ approach, says company MD Gerard Shields. “Printpool believes that understanding the intent behind processes is so much more valuable than learning how to navigate a particular software GUI. This way, learning is directly transferable to whatever brand of 3D printing hardware your company already uses.”

The full course, ‘Additive Advantage’, is made up of four modules – Additive Fundamentals I, Additive Fundamentals II, Designing Lighter and Adding Complexity.

Participants will start by learning about each of the basic 3D printing types, how to choose the best one for a given project, and how to design for them. More complex topics like generative design and latticing will then be introduced to build upon this core foundation.

Unlike most training options available in the UK, the course will not revolve around setting up a 3D printer, or simple design rules for 3D printed parts. “Covering both polymer and metal additive manufacturing in a few three-hour learning modules is a challenge, but we’ve put together a great course,” continues Shields.

“Since Printpool opened its doors, we’ve seen a lot of designs sent to us that simply aren’t printable. While we can help to rework designs to make them suitable for additive manufacturing, it would be so much better for everyone if this was known from the start. Additive manufacturing unlocks so many design possibilities – once designers know what is possible, we will see some amazing new 3D printed products out there.”


Participants will get a lifetime 20 per cent discount on 3D printing services from Printpool upon completion of the course.

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