Modo and MakerBot hook up to publish designs straight to Thingiverse

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Models designed in Modo can now be uploaded directly to Thingiverse or the MakerBot Cloud Library

MakerBot and The Foundry have unveiled the MakerBot Kit for Modo in a partnership that delivers Modo’s first 3D App using the MakerBot Thingiverse and Cloud Library API.

With the MakerBot Kit for MODO, users can create and edit designs using The Foundry’s Modo 801 capabilities and publish the files directly to MakerBot’s Thingiverse online community, or save them privately using the MakerBot Cloud Library, all from within Modo design software.

Thingiverse is currently one of the largest 3D design communities in the world, offering more than 500,000 downloadable digital 3D files, and one of the best for viewing, sharing and downloading 3D printable files.

“The MakerBot Kit for Modo is a logical starting point for us to bring the benefits of our partnership with MakerBot to the creative design community,” said Christopher Kenessey, chief officer of sales and marketing with The Foundry.
“We’re focused on delivering intuitive modelling solutions that allow the real-time prototyping of watertight meshes for 3D printing. Meanwhile, MakerBot’s customers and the large Thingiverse community continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D printing, through both individual and collaborative design.”

With the MakerBot Kit for MODO, artists, including both professionals and hobbyists can:
– Load and save .thing files due to native file support
– Authenticate MakerBot accounts from inside MODO
– Explore Thingiverse and download free objects/files
– Update or delete objects on Thingiverse and in their own personal MakerBot Cloud Library from within MODO
– Generate photorealistic renderings of objects and upload the cover image for each item to Thingiverse and/or the MakerBot Cloud Library from inside MODO
– Upload and store MODO files (.lxo) on Thingiverse and/or in their MakerBot Cloud Library for improved editing and easy sharing with other MakerBot users


“We’re excited to see where this next phase of integration with The Foundry and MODO takes creative designers and those in the entertainment field,” said MakerBot CEO Jenny Lawton.

“We think that the capability to output those designs directly into a 3D printable file, and then share or house those designs within Thingiverse, will be incredibly exciting for realizing those digital creations and bringing them to the physical world.”

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