Faro ScanArm HD: extra wide scan stripe and faster frame rate to boost 3D scanning

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2,000 actual points per scanline and a new blue laser should help produce accurate scan data

Combining Faro’s Laser Line Probe HD with its Faro Edge measuring arm creates a high performance contact/non-contact portable measurement system named ‘the Edge ScanArm HD‘.

An extra wide scan stripe and fast frame rate aims to boost productivity by increasing coverage and reducing scanning time, while 2,000 actual points per scanline and a new blue laser featuring noise reduction technology should help produce clear, accurate data.

The HD is a relatively compact system, making it ideal for inspection, and quality control uses and offers capabilities such as point cloud comparison with CAD, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling.
In combination with an all-in-one metrology software CAM2 Measure 10, Faro is aiming to provide its customers with a solution for both contact and non-contact measurement for metrology challenges in a wide range of applications.



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