CAM in the Cloud on offer from OnCreate3D

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Toolpath generation and more is available with all the benefits of the Cloud via OnCreate3D’s latest software

The benefits of the Cloud for design and engineering software continues to march on, with CAM software from start-up OnCreate3D running in a web browser and on any mobile device.

The company, formed of experienced former big CAM company employees, is based in Pune, India, aims to provide an 80 per cent reduction in cost of owning a CAM Software – targeting small job shops, hobby machinists and new learners that can’t afford to invest huge amount in desktop based, one-time purchase CAM packages.

There are other benefits too – the software is set to upgrade monthly adding new features, while it’s web-based format means a machinist can invite designers with read or write permissions to let them know the problem areas in designs that are not allowing for accurate manufacturing of a component.
Vendors can create all operations, verify NC Files and share their projects with suppliers for only machining it further to control costs, inventories and so on.

Users can import many standard CAD files, create a variety of toolpaths operations depending upon the requirements, simulate toolpaths and download NC Files. Lathe tools will be introduced down the line, and the company states it is thinking of introducing a nesting and laser/punch module in future.

It’s early stages for the start-up at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how such machining tools take off on the Cloud.


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