Amazing automation from Goliath redesigns the workshop CNC

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Portable, covering a huge work area, and for a price shading under $2k, the Goliath CNC machine is unlike any other.

First off the bat, this isn’t a tool that’s trying to convince sage CNC operators that it’s going to replace professional or even desktop CNC machinery – it’s simply a very clever alternative or partner tool.

A 900w Spindle that maxes out at 27,000 RPM, a patented sensor system triangulates the position of the robot as its omni directional, three-module wheel design, ensures that two rollers are always in contact with the panel while it crab-crawls its way around.

Zipping through wood and plastic with a maximum cutting depth of 35mm, it will also cut sheet metal and copper, however, the big benefit is that it removes the physical constraints of a CNC machine – making it portable, both around the ‘shop, or wherever you need to work.


“Traditional CNC machines are large, bulky, and stationary tools with physical limitations that hinder the creative capacity of many creators and makers whose ideas are larger than the small workspaces they are confined to,” says Goliath, adding that the tool is the ideal solution for makers looking to create at scale.

Radio frequency communication mean that the sensors continuously update the position of Goliath relative to the work area 100 times each second. This feature ensures the target accuracy of 0.1 mm.

A runner-up in the James Dyson Foundation awards in 2016, the Goliath is available on Kickstarter – already sold out at its early bird price of $1,490.

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