Teamcenter X cloud-based PLM

Teamcenter X cloud-based PLM launched by Siemens

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Teamcenter X cloud-based PLM has been launched at Siemens annual media and analyst event this week.

While Siemens hasn’t been the quickest to make its cloud-based SaaS business moves, the company’s toolset have been using a cloud-enabled environment for a long time. The longest serving of those is probably Teamcenter.

PLM system of choice to the global multi-national, Teamcenter has along been deployed on private cloud infrastructures at some of the largest, more complex organisations in the manufacturing industry.

But what about those companies that have a requirement for a PLM system capable of handling their product complexity and complexity of organisation, but which do not have the infrastructure or indeed budget to build their own private cloud?

This is where the newly announced Teamcenter X cloud-based PLM comes into play.

Teamcenter X cloud-based PLM
Comparison between the new Teamcenter X offering and oldschool Teamcenter

“Teamcenter X offers the convenience of choosing from preconfigured engineering and business solutions that deliver immediate value, with the flexibility to add more capabilities as business needs grow,” said a Siemens spokesperson.

“Teamcenter X brings the power of the cloud to all users, to help reduce time-to-market and connect distributed, cross-disciplinary teams while improving effectiveness and efficiency at any scale.”


The idea here is that rather than running through the time and expense associated with a PLM installation, you’re choosing a pre-configured set of tools that you can use out of the box.

Sign up, configure to your needs, connect your tools to it and away you go.

The reality is that as with all things PLM, there is a highly configurable set of options.

The base level gets you document management, part revision and release control, basic BOM tools, workflow management as well as visualisation.

There are then adds on – the slide deck gave little away, but it looks like adding CAD data management is option extra), change management and part/assembly classification – then you’ve got all of those more costly aspects to build on top.

In terms of cost, this hasn’t been announced, but it’ll be interesting how Siemens are going to price this offering.

Teamcenter is a beast of a PLM system with reach into almost any part of the design, engineering, manufacturing and lifecycle management of product. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s not going to be cheap to step outside of that base level offering.

More details as they become available – probably during Siemens’ Realize Live event – which is running virtually next week

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