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Ultimaker launch new software strategy

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Ultimaker has announced its new ecosystem, in which the company will package all its 3D printers with Ultimaker Essentials software, and launch two new software subscriptions for professionals.

Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence aim to help businesses ‘globally scale and professionalize [sic] 3D printing’.

Ultimaker will certify Ecosystem products and services that have been tested with the platform, while maintaining open interfaces, APIs and other tools for the development community.

Ultimaker CEO Jürgen von Hollen, said: “The platform is the evolution, elevating our current capabilities and enabling our partners and diverse ecosystem to deliver a seamless, innovative, and futureproof customer experience.

“Our belief is that all businesses: small, medium, and large, should have the opportunity to take advantage of the platform and ecosystem. This allows them to remain flexible and productive in a volatile world.”

Ultimaker Professional adds unlimited cloud storage; the ability to open CAD files in Cura (rather than .STL); some new and improved analysis and report tools

Ultimaker Excellence meanwhile is billed as a ‘complete and custom solution aimed at accelerating the business’ digital transformation’ – which as far as we can tell means it’s all of the Professional bits, plus expert support and full API access included.


Extra e-learning is included across all variants.

If you bought an Ultimaker before 20 April 2021 and want a standalone Ultimaker Essentials license, it will cost you a single €600 or $720 (excluding tax) payment.

Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence licenses are billed annually, varying based on the number of Ultimaker printers you will connect and the number of users accessing them.

Find a full breakdown of the prices below:How much does Ultimaker software cost 2021

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