Overmoulding process delivers waterproof products for underwater special ops

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By overmoulding electronic components the parts are lighter to use under water

A pioneering offshore technology business is launching a new handheld underwater computer for search and rescue divers to locate objects on the seabed.

UK-based Blueprint Subsea designs products for the offshore, subsea and commercial diving markets around the world, using the latest advances in technology.

Its new underwater computer, the Artemis Pro, will be used by special forces divers engaged in covert operations to navigate and search the seabed.


AME Group’s craftsmen finish low-volume components for the Artemis Pro

The Artemis Pro and other Blueprint Subsea products have been developed in partnership with prototyping specialist AME Group.

Yorkshire based AME Group has delivered a ‘prototype to manufacture’ process which fits perfectly with the requirement by many technology companies like Blueprint Subsea for low volume production.
The process centres on the overmoulding of high value electronic components supplied by Blueprint Subsea with silicone using vacuum casting to seal the parts and make the final product waterproof.
For the Artemis Pro, this moulding process was used to create a silicone casing or chassis to which Blueprint Subsea will add the computer’s electronic components. Post-moulding additives reduce the computer’s density, making it light to use under water.

AME Group sales manager Tim Wragg, said: “Our work for Blueprint Subsea demonstrates a low volume production solution which boasts accuracy and consistency of product every time it is deployed.

“This is essential for companies who have invested heavily in high value components.”

AME Group has also developed prototypes for Blueprint Subsea’s StarFish Sidescan Sonar, which uses the latest digital acoustic technology to produce images of the sea bed.

Blueprint Subsea managing director James Barratt, commented: “Our products are very niche which means our partnership with AME Group is ideal because of their ability to manufacture for us in small batches.

“We benefit from their expertise in creating a professional looking product which can be made in low volumes and turned around quickly for delivery to our clients.”

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