Apple ‘iWatch’ preview? How about a D3D LIVE talk from an expert wearables team Zero360?

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See if you can pick up any hints of what to expect from today’s Apple product launch from expert wearables designers Zero360

At DEVELOP3D Live in April this year we had the team from Zero360, a product design consultancy who have been working on wearables technology.

With a rich history in designing for watch brands and incorporating wearable technology, they have been looking at how to get people wearing products like the iWatch as a regular thing, rather than it being thrown in the back of a drawer after a couple of months.

They’ve even arrived at a luxury wearables design, with some amazing inbuilt technology.

Zero360s concepts take into account everything from ergonomics to materials and user interfaces


See if you can pick up any hints as to what to expect today from the big Apple launch: a ratchet strap? instant activation? luxury materials? sweat sensors?