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Laguna add new line-up of SmartShop CNC Routers

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Laguna Tools has announced the launch of a lineup of SmartShop CNC Routers designed for ease of use and efficiency in a workshop environment.

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, Laguna says the SmartShop M focuses on ‘cost effectiveness, performance, and value’.

With a six HP spindle, 8-position tool changer, and a multi-zone vacuum table, it offers a range of production machine features across several custom table sizes at the entry point of the new range.

The Laguna SmartShop 2 Pro, described as the workhorse CNC machines, is designed to cut everything from wood to non-ferrous metals with dependability and rigidity added via an all steel frame. The SmartShop 2 Pro features a helical rack and pinion for precision cutting.

Laguna’s SmartShop 2 Elite is billed as ideal for ‘high production sheet processing operations’. Also built with an all steel frame, it offers Fanuc controls and servos running on helical rack and pinion to handle high production loads with ease while ensuring accuracy and cut quality.

The new range is headed by the SmartShop 3 Excel, which Laguna says has been designed for customers needing maximum daily output and continuous operation for cutting wood, high density foam, plastics, and even non-ferrous metals.

Fanuc controls and 1500 watt Fanuc servos combine with a heavy all welded steel frame to promote faster feed rates, deeper cuts, better edge quality and higher performance.


With a 12HP HSD Spindle, up to 3,000 IPM can be cracked out to give a reported 1,600 in/min cutting speed, while the custom bed sizes are complemented by 12 inches of gantry clearance and 14 inches of  Z-travel.

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