Screen With Envy garden

Hidden with beauty – Geometric screens designed to develop outdoor spaces

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British design brand Screen with Envy has introduced a stunning collection of garden screens and accessories; inspired by the traditional design of windows seen in Arabic architecture, but designed in a modern method.

Combining a desire for beautiful outdoor spaces with adequate privacy, these modern outdoor screens, fences and garden accessories reflect the latest interior design trends.


The products are unique as you can get without having to have them made bespoke, the modular designs expanding dependent on what type and scale of coverage is needed.

Manufactured from a wood composite that gives the texture of wood, but the resilience of plastic outdoors, they can be made to fit pretty much any area – thinner versions for cladding easily cut to shape end walls – and installed by the customer.

The designer, Screen with Envy founder Sophie Birkert, begins each design with hand sketches, before making moulds or cutting files to test out prototypes.

Scaling is managed in Autodesk AutoCAD, with the patterns manually added into CAD.


Birkert explains that this process varies depending on the design. “For botanical patterns if I am resizing to a specific size then I am normally going to have to redo the whole pattern in Adobe Illustrator to fit the area properly.

“I then convert from Adobe illustrator to AutoCAD. If it is geometric then I can do scaling in AutoCAD.”

Perfect for creating unique statement pieces or a secluded area in the garden, the shapes still allow an abundance of light through.