Let us save you some money, time, and possible rejection

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Today I was left running the following story over and over in my head: man, seeking new customers, eschews normal protocol and starts sending out 3D printed heads to prospective employers.

Let me be the first to suggest two things:
1. This might well be the moment 3D printing ‘jumped the shark‘.

2. If you insist on doing this, at least make a decent hash of it – go all out, get a high resolution scan and print, finish it to realistic lengths, have it mounted on a solid mahogany plinth with a bronze plaque bearing your message, and have Justin Timberlake present it whilst leading a marching band to your selected potential employers. That or hand carve it and show some genuine skill.

Don’t crank out 10 bleary plastic heads, pop them in tub along with a tawdry statement inkjet-printed onto a hand-cut note. You’re better than that.

For a technology that can be used for so many wonderful and varied things, to become little more than an advertising gimmick – the new flashmob, which everyone now ignores with a disgruntled shrug – signals the beginning of the end of mass media interest.


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