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AutoScan Inspec from Shining3D automates scanning for small, complex parts

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Shining3D has launched the AutoScan Inspec – which as the name might suggest is a new automatic desktop 3D inspection scanner.

Ease of use on the desktop is at the core of the product, with the design featuring Shining3D’s user interface for easy operation and what it calls an ‘AI intelligent scanning algorithm’.

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The software Ultrascan has been developed by comapany, headquartered in Hangzhou, China, for industrial applications, which Shining3D has developed to keep up what it intends as an intuitive workflow.

3D data can be exported to CAD/CAM systems such as Geomagic Control X, Design X, Zbrush, and Polyworks.

The blue-light 3D scanning technology and a pair of five megapixel cameras bring users scan accuracy within 10μm, to ensure high level of accuracy for small and complex objects.

As a fully automated desktop 3D scanner for 1-click-scan, Autoscan Inspec features a 3-axis platform  for multi-angle scanning, enabling users to obtain 3D scans easily and rapidly.


For handheld 3D scanning, check out our full review of the Shining3D EinScan Pro 2X Plus, which we found to be fast and flexible enough to be used in hand-held mode, or in fixed set-up.

Our recent review of the Peel 3D ‘Peel 2 CAD’ handheld scanner kit, plus a round-up of some other handheld 3D scanning technologies, here.

With the entry-level market seeing a huge influx of new entrants, there’s a wide choice of solutions for varying budgets.

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