WATCH // D3D LIVE 2017 – Paved With Gold – Taking your idea to the masses, successfully!

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You’ve had an amazing idea, but how do you present it to the world and make sure it is seen by the right people?

This talk from Paved With Gold co-founders Kaye Symington and Richard Ling takes you through launching your idea using crowdfunding and how to find, build and grow a great community around it.

Click here to watch more videos from our 2017 event as they’re uploaded, as well as the entire back catalogue of some of the best talks from past events.

A creative consultancy that helps people who make products get them into the hands of people who will love them, Paved With Gold work on projects, from end-to-end Kickstarter campaigns to bespoke digital marketing and PR services, specialising in new product launches across design and tech.

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